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Take Action

Sign our Petition asking for existing dog bylaws to be enforced. (You can sign anonymously). The petition will be presented at Vancouver City Hall.

Making a Difference

Perhaps you want to help, but don’t know where to start. First, it helps to first understand who is responsible for what:

The Vancouver Park Board is an elected body.  They are partially funded from the city’s budget, but are not a department within the city.  The Park Board is responsible for setting up off-leash areas within city parks, however, the Park Board does not have the power to enforce the dog by-laws.   

Animal Control, a department within the city, is responsible for enforcing the dog by-laws. However, at present they are really only effective in enforcing the bylaws if accompanied by a police officer. This is because if a dog owner refuses to give their name to identify themselves to receive a ticket, the animal control officer is powerless to do anything.  

Here are four ways to make a difference and work towards a safer, more respectful community:

  1. Join iCare
    By joining iCare, you add your voice to the growing number of people who are concerned about the lack of vision and action on this issue within city government. You can have a much greater impact on city policies as a member of a group than as an individual. Please join us now.

  2. Voice Your Concern to the City
    Please take 5 minutes right now to email city politicians, park and city staff, and tell them you want the city’s Animal Control bylaws enforced. You don’t need to write a long email. It just has to be sent. The greater the number of individuals and groups that voice their concerns on this issue, the more attention our politicians will give it.  Copying your letter to the media helps get attention as well!

    Who to send your email to:


    Park Board:

  • Constance Barnes:  
  • Sarah Blyth: 
  • Raj Hundal: 
  • Aaron Jasper: 
  • Stuart MacKinnon:
  • Ian Robertson: 
  • Loretta Woodcock: 

Here is an easy way to send your letter to all the above contacts.  Just highlight and copy the following list into the ‘To’ cell in your email:

mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca; penny.ballem@vancouver.ca; chief@vpd.ca; tom.hammel@vancouver.ca; pbcomment@vancouver.ca; susan.mundick@vancouver.ca; constance.barnes@vancouver.ca; sarah.blyth@vancouver.ca; raj.hundal@vancouver.ca; aaron.jasper@vancouver.ca; stuart.mackinnon@vancouver.ca; igrobertson@telus.net; loretta.woodcock@rogers.blackberry.net 

3. Write a letter to the Editor:

For any letters to the editor, please include your phone, full name, and address.  
Please note that a newspaper may not publish a letter if they see that it was also sent to another newspaper, so please send a separate letter to each newspaper.

4. Report bylaw infractions:

Animal Control is complaint-driven – meaning they do not necessarily patrol the parks and streets. For this reason, whenever you see a dog off-leash in an on-leash area, please call Animal Control at 604.871.6888.  You may want to enter this number into your cell phone so that it is readily accessible.  When calling Animal Control, it helps to have the address of the owner or license plate of their vehicle and a description of both the owner and the dog and the date and time of the incident.


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